We are really excited to announce that the first of the two new ranges that will be given their world  exclusive showing at the May Design Series has been designed by Bob Manders Architecture (www.bobmanders.nl) and called “Ribbon”.

Bob Manders is an architect who combines a sensitive understanding of the past with a passion for innovation. He draws on the very best from his own Dutch heritage – an appreciation of Rembrandt’s use of light, for instance – and fuses it with the sound architectural principles of acknowledged masters from Vitruvius to Le Corbusier, adding along the way his own unique approach. The result? Unpredictable yet harmonious spaces that are at home anywhere in the world.

Manders believes that a considered respect for light, shadow and the ways in which nature influences our environment is the key to the success of his designs. He makes frequent use of glass in a way that connects the inside with the outside. Similarly, the natural materials he chooses to work with often reveal the ways in which they have been produced – wood may still bear the tooth marks of a saw, for example, while a stone tile may have an imprint of the tool used to quarry or polish it. Such details, Manders believes, preserve the authenticity of any space. His pioneering approaches, which will be dis- cussed in the following pages, embrace the seamlessness of his style: ribbon architecture, and the wholly new vistas afforded by diagonalism. By designing spaces in which planes are shifted, extraneous detail is hidden and new vantage points are revealed, he creates homes that are both restful and energising. Such principles – utilising good design for good living – are embodied in his approach to 21st century architecture.